July 23, 2014

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Movie Debunks Global Warming Hype

The Cornwall Alliance is excited to tell you about a compelling movie that poignantly showcases the human cost of global warming hype. Not Evil Just Wrong is a moving documentary that traces the effects of environmental alarmism on the lives of a small-town, blue-collar American family, an African woman who lost her son to malaria, and former Vice President Al Gore.

From rural America to the streets of Uganda to the halls of power in Washington, D.C., Not Evil Just Wrong makes the complex science behind climate change understandable. It explains how global warming alarmism will increase costs for working families during one of the worst recessions in living memory. Worse, misguided environmental fears threaten to trap yet another generation of our poorest neighbors around the world in grinding poverty.

Environmental activists want to limit or eliminate fossil fuels in the developed world. This would devastate the American economy and drive jobs to places, India and China, which have many fewer environmental protections.

Not Evil Just Wrong is a powerful appeal to the human heart and mind to “remember the poor.” It is not a Christian film, but its clarion call for human freedom and flourishing resonates with a Biblical world view. We are proud to endorse it.

Not Evil Just Wrong premiers on Sunday, October 18th. Click here to watch the trailer, and order your copy today!

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