July 24, 2014

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Focus on the Family Citizen Magazine Reports Fruitful Use of Resisting the Green Dragon in Churches

“Many Christian leaders currently using the [Cornwall Alliance’s Resisting the Green Dragon] DVD series in their churches … say that it is helping to counter the trends [toward radical environmentalism], especially among young people,” wrote Barbara Pogue in a 2-page feature article about Resisting the Green Dragon in Citizen Magazine’s May 2011 issue.

“… environmentalists are actively targeting the church—especially its youth, who are already saturated day after day with green propaganda from public schools, movies, television, radio and the Internet,” Pogue explained. “Now, organizations like Interfaith Power and Light (mission: ‘mobilizing a religious response to global warming’) are writing environmental curricula for church preschools.”

Resisting the Green Dragon “trains kids to spot the hazards of a ‘green’ worldview—and how to care for the earth the biblical way,” Pogue continued.

She told of two churches, among many, that have used the video series already.

“Kevin Boling, senior pastor of Mountain Bridge Bible Fellowship in South Carolina, has been showing the DVDs to his congregation of about 100 members, mostly young families—and says others in their 20s are also coming because they want to understand their stewardship responsibilities from a practical standpoint.

“Boling’s audience goes well beyond them. He hosts a radio program that covers all of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia and is broadcast live online. He dedicates Wednesdays to playing the DVD and answering questions because ‘this may be the issue of our time, and we need to know how to think about this intelligently and biblically so that we know how to respond.’”

“In upstate New York,” Pogue continued, “a group of youthful church members ranging from pre-teens to college students are having lively conversations with adults that include scientists and engineers. William Basener, an associate professor of mathematics at the Rochester Institute and an elder of New Horizon Christian Fellowship, shows the series on Sunday afternoons while his pastor, Mike Hicks, runs them on Wednesdays.

“Basener and his wife, a former high school science teacher, home school their five children, ages 1 to 11, and the older two watch the series, bringing up topics throughout the week. He says the congregation especially enjoys discussing how the green worldview is spread through popular media and movies and that the series provides a terrific opportunity to train families to talk about a variety of issues ‘beyond the green philosophies.’”

Focus on the Family, one of America’s premier evangelical ministries, has endorsed and is promoting the groundbreaking new resource.

Cornwall Alliance is grateful for Focus on the Family’s support and glad to recommend Citizen Magazine to our readers. To read Citizen's feature article, click here.To subscribe to the magazine, click here.