July 28, 2014

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Through the Cornwall Network of Congregations (new window), the Alliance seeks to take the principles of the Cornwall Declaration and encourage clergy, teachers, and other religious leaders to embrace them and teach them to their own congregants, helping people of faith increasingly fulfill their Biblical mandate to steward the environment and care for the poor.

Through your participation in the “Cornwall Network,” you will have access to:

  • Regular information and updates about important stewardship issues,
  • Bulletin inserts that could be distributed to members of your congregation,
  • Scripture notes on stewardship issues that could be used to develop sermons and Sunday School or other educational lessons; and
  • An electronic newsletter from the ISA that would keep you up to date about these issues, and inform you when new “Cornwall Network” materials are available. Some forthcoming materials will likely include Sunday School curricula for various age groups; videos, workbooks and other educational materials; and guidance and suggestions for hands-on stewardship projects.




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