July 30, 2014

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Cornwall Alliance Advisory Board

  • Dr. Ted Baehr, President, Christian Film and Television Commission
  • Howard Ball, National Director, ChurchLIFE, Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
  • Joel Belz, (Ret.), Founder and Publisher, World MagazIne
  • Kenneth Chilton, Ph.D., Senior Environmental Fellow, Institute for the Study of Economics & the Environment, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO
  • Michael Cromartie, Vice President, Ethics & Public Policy Center, Director, Evangelicals in Civic Life
  • Barrett Duke, Ph.D., Vice President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator of Christian Education & Publication, Presbyterian Church in America
  • Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (PCA), Jackson, MS, and President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
  • Alan W. Gomes, Ph.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, CA
  • Rev. George Grant, Ph.D., Teaching Pastor, Christ Community Church (PCA), Principal, Kings Meadow Study Center, Nashville, TN
  • Wayne Grudem, Ph.D.,^ Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, AZ
  • Steven Hayward, Ph.D., Thomas Smith Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio; Secretary of Energy & Interior under President Ronald Reagan; author of the annual Index of Leading Environmental Indicators
  • Daniel R. Heimbach, Ph.D., Senior Professor of Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Research Institute Fellow, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention
  • Peter J. Hill, Ph.D., (Ret.), George F. Bennett Chair of Economics, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
  • Peter Jones, Ph.D., Executive Director, truthXchange, and Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, CA
  • †Rev. Dr. D. James Kennedy (deceased), Founding & Senior Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; Founder & President, Evangelism Explosion, Coral Ridge Ministries, & Knox Theological Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • John Khushal, Associate Director, CRU, North India
  • Dr. George Khushf, Humanities Director, Center for Bioethics, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
  • Rev. Dr. Paul D. Kooistra, Ministry to the World, Presbyterian Church in America
  • Rev. Henry Krabbendam, Ph.D., President, Africa Christian Training Institute, (Ret.) Professor of Biblical Studies, Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA
  • Kevin Alan Lewis, J.D., M.Div., Th.M., Associate Professor of Theology and Law, Biola University, La Mirada, CA
  • Stephen Livesay, Ph.D., President, Bryan College, Dayton, TN
  • Tracy Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, Grove City College, Grove City, PA
  • Marvin Olasky, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, World Magazine
  • Rev. Jerry O’Neill, Ph.D., President, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Rev. Joey Pipa, Ph.D., President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Herbert Schlossberg, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Ethics & Public Policy Center
  • Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman, Traditional Values Coalition
  • Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist, Earth System Science Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL, and Lead Scientist, NASA Aqua AMSR-3 Satellite Remote Sensing Program
  • Timothy Terrell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
  • James A. Wanliss, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC
  • Rev. Ralph Weitz, Stewardship Pastor, Immanuel Bible Church, Springfield, VA
  • Harry V. Wiant, Jr., Ph.D., Ibberson Chair in Forest Resources, Penn State University
  • Kevin Alan Lewis, J.D., M.Div., Th.M., Associate Professor of Theology and Law, Biola University, La Mirada, CA